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Business Profile

The establishment

The greatest initial force in which drives us in the setting up of Interlient Forwarding (M) Sdn Bhd comes from the support of IMG-20160323-WA0004our well connected clients. Also, We know the needs of the market and we know  we can fulfill those needs

The Plan

As a freight forwarding organization, we plan to establish great clients base, excellent service standard, fantastic carriers connections and fabulous overseas agencies network. To achieve our goals, we need to do sales in dynamic manner, high quality operating system, strong external connections, as well as healthy financial standing

Sales and Marketing

The organization in sales oriented as the management having the salesmanship throughout. We have build up a good client base in the local market. Also, our plan calls for regular follow-ups on existing clients and working on new clients to support the organization to continue growing

External Connection

Carriers connection is another essential element in running our business, We have good connections with those we work with, so that we can provide the needs to all our clients. We have vast experience and connection in the industry and we know very well on how to work with the carriers.

Overseas Development

The organization will, in addition, leave and option open to create reliable and progressive overseas agencies relationship. Our industry is not only with few competitors and we know therefore, that we must battle strongly to continue winning the respect and support of all our current and potential clients and oversea partners. The users of freight services are anxious to work with companies that they can totally depend upon. We are an organization not just to fulfill the normal requirements to our clients and overseas partners but also to ensure they are beneficial from us as well. Interlient Forwarding (M) Sdn Bhd is extremely pleased to be a part of freight forwarding industry that, in time to come will develop major programme with agents who have the similar objective as ours. It’ll greatly benefit each other on the co-operation.


Our finance is healthy as the organization has sufficient reserves maintaining in our bank to finance the organization’s future expansion and the growth in business. We have proper control over our receivables and payable’s, our policy calls to pay our creditors in timely manner and would also control our accounts receivables in a strategic manner.


This profile is easy to discuss but difficult to put into play, so therefore, co-ordination and communication must also be stressed to the highest degree possible. Internal and external communication in our organization is an extremely important element.